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Date: 2001-07-30 09:37:00 UTC
Subject: Champ: Final Update

I don't normally post these things to the lists. I feel like no one
really knows me or my ferrets personally so always think that
postings and condolences are very impersonal. I let people know
individually who know my ferrets and me personally. That said, I have
inundated you with tales of Champ and his illnesses over the last six
months. It's only fair that I post the conclusion.

There was the second adrenal surgery in January, then the UTI within
a few days, then the diagnosis of chronic renal failure in February.
A heart murmur appeared a few weeks ago and congestive heart failure
was diagnosed a little over a week ago.

Once the heart problems started, Champ went downhill very quickly and
got pretty bad over the weekend. Medications were difficult, as
those to help treat the heart problems can cause further kidney
damage. Champ's kidneys were such that they couldn't afford further
damage. This weekend, after increasing his heart meds some, he
swelled up like a balloon. He gained over 1/2 pound in 10 days,
nearly reaching 4 lbs. His little face and body were all puffed up.
He appeared to be in some discomfort but not a lot of pain, thank
God. When he was out of his cage, I put him in a small carrier with
lots of blankies, leaving the door open for him to come and go. The
only time he ventured out was to use the newspapers right next to the
door. I tried to be there to hold him up as he didn't have the
strength to stand and would soil himself. He then would drag himself
back into the carrier. His breathing became more and more difficult;
sometimes I could hear him all over the house.

I almost took him to the emergency after-hours vet on Saturday night
but talked myself out of it. I talked to a friend yesterday (thanks,
Shanna) who put things in perspective. She reminded me that Champy
would never get better and it was better to let him go while he still
had more "good" times than bad. She gave me the strength to let him

This a.m., bright and early, we were at the vets' office. Doc gently
helped him go as I held him. It was very quick and painless. As a
final tribute, he pooped all over my shirt <g>. My Champy is at
peace now. He will be cremated and his ashes returned to me.