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From: Connie
Date: 2001-07-30 16:33:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Champ: Final Update

I am so sorry to hear about your little Champy. I
went through a loss in May and words can not convey
the feelings. My little boy did not go painless and
it still haunts me. The vet gave him a shot in the
tummy and it was so painful.
How did your doctor make it so peaceful for Champy? I
hate to ask this but I am facing it again soon and
don't want this little guy to suffer the same way.
Champy had a good mom and he was a lucky little boy.
Prayers from
Connie and the fuzz butts.
Pharoah, Pasha, Pooh Bear and Sky

--- shurcool@i... wrote:
> I don't normally post these things to the lists. I
> feel like no one
> really knows me or my ferrets personally so always
> think that
> postings and condolences are very impersonal. I let
> people know
> individually who know my ferrets and me personally.
> That said, I have
> inundated you with tales of Champ and his illnesses
> over the last six
> months. It's only fair that I post the conclusion.
> There was the second adrenal surgery in January,
> then the UTI within
> a few days, then the diagnosis of chronic renal
> failure in February.
> A heart murmur appeared a few weeks ago and
> congestive heart failure
> was diagnosed a little over a week ago.
> Once the heart problems started, Champ went downhill
> very quickly and
> got pretty bad over the weekend. Medications were
> difficult, as
> those to help treat the heart problems can cause
> further kidney
> damage. Champ's kidneys were such that they
> couldn't afford further
> damage. This weekend, after increasing his heart
> meds some, he
> swelled up like a balloon. He gained over 1/2 pound
> in 10 days,
> nearly reaching 4 lbs. His little face and body
> were all puffed up.
> He appeared to be in some discomfort but not a lot
> of pain, thank
> God. When he was out of his cage, I put him in a
> small carrier with
> lots of blankies, leaving the door open for him to
> come and go. The
> only time he ventured out was to use the newspapers
> right next to the
> door. I tried to be there to hold him up as he
> didn't have the
> strength to stand and would soil himself. He then
> would drag himself
> back into the carrier. His breathing became more
> and more difficult;
> sometimes I could hear him all over the house.
> I almost took him to the emergency after-hours vet
> on Saturday night
> but talked myself out of it. I talked to a friend
> yesterday (thanks,
> Shanna) who put things in perspective. She reminded
> me that Champy
> would never get better and it was better to let him
> go while he still
> had more "good" times than bad. She gave me the
> strength to let him
> go.
> This a.m., bright and early, we were at the vets'
> office. Doc gently
> helped him go as I held him. It was very quick and
> painless. As a
> final tribute, he pooped all over my shirt <g>. My
> Champy is at
> peace now. He will be cremated and his ashes
> returned to me.
> Katharine

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