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From: Steph
Date: 2001-07-30 18:54:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Champ: Final Update

Hi Connie,
I know that putting one of our little ones to sleep is never
easy, but when I saw your message I have heard of others who
have had your experience. None of my pets have ever
experienced any distress during the procedure. I request that
the sedative which is given sub-q to cats and dogs prior to
surgery is given. The acronym at our clinic is B.A.G., but I
am unsure if this is everywhere. I could find out exactly
what in it if you would like. The two ferrets who I have had
put to sleep have been totally asleep by the time my vet has
administered the euthanol directly into the vein in the
forarm. Hemingway shook his arm when the alcohol was put on,
but other than that slept in my arms. I can't believe that I
have tears thinking back.
One extra step that my vet has added for my pet rat, and
would have at the least bit of distress for my ferrets was put
them on the anesthetic machine, this was done as the euthanal
was administered directly into the heart unlike with my
ferrets at our clinic.
Take care,
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From: Connie
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2001 4:33 PM

I am so sorry to hear about your little Champy. I
went through a loss in May and words can not convey
the feelings. My little boy did not go painless and
it still haunts me. The vet gave him a shot in the
tummy and it was so painful.
How did your doctor make it so peaceful for Champy? I
hate to ask this but I am facing it again soon and
don't want this little guy to suffer the same way.
Champy had a good mom and he was a lucky little boy.
Prayers from
Connie and the fuzz butts.
Pharoah, Pasha, Pooh Bear and Sky

--- wrote:
> I don't normally post these things to the lists. I
> feel like no one
> really knows me or my ferrets personally so always
> think that
> postings and condolences are very impersonal. I let
> people know
> individually who know my ferrets and me personally.
> That said, I have
> inundated you with tales of Champ and his illnesses
> over the last six
> months. It's only fair that I post the conclusion.
> There was the second adrenal surgery in January,
> then the UTI within
> a few days, then the diagnosis of chronic renal
> failure in February.
> A heart murmur appeared a few weeks ago and
> congestive heart failure
> was diagnosed a little over a week ago.
> Once the heart problems started, Champ went downhill
> very quickly and
> got pretty bad over the weekend. Medications were
> difficult, as
> those to help treat the heart problems can cause
> further kidney
> damage. Champ's kidneys were such that they
> couldn't afford further
> damage. This weekend, after increasing his heart
> meds some, he
> swelled up like a balloon. He gained over 1/2 pound
> in 10 days,
> nearly reaching 4 lbs. His little face and body
> were all puffed up.
> He appeared to be in some discomfort but not a lot
> of pain, thank
> God. When he was out of his cage, I put him in a
> small carrier with
> lots of blankies, leaving the door open for him to
> come and go. The
> only time he ventured out was to use the newspapers
> right next to the
> door. I tried to be there to hold him up as he
> didn't have the
> strength to stand and would soil himself. He then
> would drag himself
> back into the carrier. His breathing became more
> and more difficult;
> sometimes I could hear him all over the house.
> I almost took him to the emergency after-hours vet
> on Saturday night
> but talked myself out of it. I talked to a friend
> yesterday (thanks,
> Shanna) who put things in perspective. She reminded
> me that Champy
> would never get better and it was better to let him
> go while he still
> had more "good" times than bad. She gave me the
> strength to let him
> go.
> This a.m., bright and early, we were at the vets'
> office. Doc gently
> helped him go as I held him. It was very quick and
> painless. As a
> final tribute, he pooped all over my shirt . My
> Champy is at
> peace now. He will be cremated and his ashes
> returned to me.
> Katharine

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