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From: - Z -
Date: 2001-07-30 21:39:00 UTC
Subject: skin glue; wow

Skin glue: Sukie posted recently about using skin glue on Seven-- I
would like to add that from an owner's perspective, skin glue is
great stuff. It makes the incision look _hideous_, like it's gone
moldy (the glue my vet uses has a greenish-blue tinge), but you can
sleep a little easier at night knowing that there aren't stitches to
be ripped out or chewed on. In my experience (three or four
surgeries), by the time the glue is flaking off the incision has
healed substantially.

As a side note to that, in post-surgery care I've always used those
foil disposable cookie trays lined with newspaper or a little litter
for litter pans-- they have enough of an edge that they contain
messes, but the edge is low and rounded so the ferret's belly can
pass over safely. The trays can be somewhat noisy so this may work
better with deaf ferrets :)

Wow: I've been enourmously busy since Thursday and just caught up on
several days' worth of FHL digests this evening. Although I love the
learning, in many ways it was brutal to read all the sad stories,
even when they had happy outcomes. I say "wow" to all the vets who
deal with these situations day in and day out, and then take the time
to deal with it some more on the internet in their spare time. I am
humbled by your humanity and say thank you.


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