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From: Jaclyn
Date: 2001-03-03 06:01:00 UTC
Subject: Trevor, Kif, Vet tests

To Mary and anyone else following my thread,

I did not have Trevor tested. I was so disheartened with this vet's
apparent lack of ferret knowledge that I didn't want to pay another
bill for him to say something out-of-whack about Trevor. I figured
with Trev's good spirits and health, I would postpone until I can find
a way to get to someone good.

I'm in Florida, central east coast, about an hour and fifteen minutes
SE of Orlando. I'm willing to go any direction...Dr. Kemmerer is only
1.5 hr. by plane and there's a small airport right in Gainesville. I
could fly the boys up to her...unless fuzzies in a small plane is a
bad idea. I wouldn't worry unless he was sick. Kif's mostly deaf,
though, so the sound wouldn't bother him! :)

Hmm, I'm losing my train of thought, here. Basically, execpt for the
numbers the vet gave me from the blood tests, I know no more now then
I did. I've ruled out urinary blockage myself. I've watched him use
the litterbox like a hawk. No problems. Anything else though, is
fair game.

I need to get to some one good again... :) (Where are you located,
Dr. Williams?)

My brain's on strike, if I left something pertinent out of this post,
forgive me!