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Date: 2001-07-30 18:33:00 UTC
Subject: Fwd: Subject: Adrenal Disease?? Please respond (5th- Post)

Please, Please, Please, Please, Please Respond as soon as you can (5th post)

Dr. Williams could you please comment:

(This is my second post in which I added to it to include the results of
Bandits tests)I will try to give you a very brief back drop of Bandits
health history,

Bilateral adrenalectomy-left adrenal surgically removed and right froze with
cryosurgery. (approximately a year 1/2 ago.)

ECE contracted probably from new kit back in Feb. of this year. Stools still
not normal (seedy). Was originally treated for heliobacter but treatment was
flagyl along with pepto, antibiotics and treatment protocol was to difficult
to follow. Bandit was stressing big time and it sounded to me at the time
more like ECE than helibacter.

Most recent BG was 78 or 80 -urinalysis negative, although Bandit seems to
strain during urination & deification. Sometimes Bandit appears to try to go
the bathroom a few times but nothing comes out at first.

This month- Radiograph taken vet suspects
possible crystal in bladder although not certain because pictures were not
great because Bandit kept moving.

TP was done to see if Bandit has adrenal disease because of hairloss on tail
and rear feet and lethargy.(update) TP Panel results came back and this is
what they read:

Estradiol, NMOL/L 140 normal range (30-180)
17 OH Progesterone, NMOL/L 0.18 normal range (0-0.8)
Androstenedione, NMOL/L 16.4 nomal range (0-15)

As you can see the Androstenedione is slightly elevated and my vet believes
it could be from ectopic adrenal tissue or testicular tissue. He suggests
running the TP again in six months to see if this is a real case of adrenal
disease. What do you think of these results??

I am afraid I am going for broke here and would like to know the most
inexpensive route to take with the most accurate results if there is such a

I'm really concerned over Bandit's behavior-when he is awake he scratches
(like he's digging) on the bottom of his cage, and when out of the cage he
runs to his spot where he lies on newspapers and repeats the same behavior.
This seems to happen before and after he eats.... I'm wondering if he has an
ulcer??? His appetite is fair sometimes I catch him nibbling on his kibble
and I usually hand feed him baby food at least twice a day. He does chomp at
the air during feedings and always licks his chops before he eats another
spoonful. Lately, he whimpers during feedings and hacks and continues to
smack his lips. What's going on here??

I had my vet look in his mouth for ulcers but he didn't seem to
take a thorough look. Is there a certain way to check for them??? Do you
think this is ulcers or some type of gastric problem and what do I do?

My vet recommended an ultrasound but said it would be best to have AMC in NY
do it there because the technician has a lot of experience with ferrets.
However they will charge me a $100. Just to walk in the door $45. because I
have to leave him for the day and another $190. for the ultrasound. Does the
experience of one technician over another profoundly affect the
interpretation of the results??

Dr. Williams can you comment on Bandits behavior and what you suspect might
be going on here???

Another thing is Bandit weighs a lot (3lbs something ounces) and to me the
weight feels like it's all in his abdomen- I worried that perhaps it's his
spleen (what should I do to see if it is??)