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From: Ulrike
Date: 2001-03-03 06:28:00 UTC
Subject: Digest number 15/ rimadyl/ pain relief

Hi there

I just got digest number 15 today! I didn't even realise that I never got
it... It's got an answer from Alison Skipper in it about rimadyl and pain
relief etc. Thanks for the answer!

About pain relief after spays... I ask not to give pain medication after
spays. When Baby and Dana were spayed (at the same time), they had pain
relief. I had asked for it because when my first 2 jills were spayed, they
were in so much discomfort for 4-5 days but then again they were cut open
from top to bottom almost because I assume the vet didn't know where the
things were that he had to take out or I don't know why he'd open them up so
far... Anyway, both Baby and Dana were very active after their spays and
didn't want to be kept in their cage and when I let them out, they ran
around. They both developed blood pockets and I had to rush them back to
the vets, it looked really bad and not knowing what it was...

But the worst case was when I had one of my rescues spayed. She had pain
relief and remembering what had happened to Baby and Dana, I thought I keep
her in the cage for 24 hours. But she scratched at the mesh door, you know,
sitting in front of it and scratching with all her strength. Then I noticed
a bump on her stitches and thought she had a blood pocket so I thought I let
her out before she does any more damage and carried on phoning the vets
whether I could bring her in right now. They said yes so I went and tried
to find the jill and found her lying under the wardrobe, she'd gone into a
corner and didn't want to move. A neighbour helped me to lift the wardrobe
so I could get hold of her and then I saw that her stitches had opened! How
I didn't faint I don't know! I even managed to drive to the vets. The vets
washed her intestines and all and stitched her back up and she was fine.

So since then, the ferrets don't get any more painkillers after a spay.
Even the vets said that they get way less problems with cats and bitches if
they don't give painkillers. For example the animals are less likely to go
ahead and take stitches out. If the animal is in a bit of pain, at least
she will be quiet so the wound can suture. My vets don't give painkillers
after a spay. I don't know if it's different with rabbits but ferrets are
too active for their own good if they don't feel any pain...

Not intended to criticise or anything, just my experience...

Best wishes from
and Jilly, Jack, Bella, Tom, Mason, Baby, Dana, Fox, Reno, Rose, Jasmine,
Barney, Spike, Hobo and Gremlin

Missing Angel, Hope and Igor

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