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Date: 2001-07-31 11:14:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Subject: Adrenal Disease?? Please respond (5th- Post)

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I'm really concerned over Bandit's behavior-when he is awake he
(like he's digging) on the bottom of his cage, and when out of the
cage he
runs to his spot where he lies on newspapers and repeats the same
This seems to happen before and after he eats.... I'm wondering if
he has an
ulcer??? His appetite is fair sometimes I catch him nibbling on
his kibble
and I usually hand feed him baby food at least twice a day. He
does chomp
the air during feedings and always licks his chops before he eats
spoonful. Lately, he whimpers during feedings and hacks and
continues to
smack his lips. What's going on here??

This could definitely be gastric ulcers (which you won't necessarily
see any
signs of in the mouth, btw). I would consider treating with the
amoxi/biaxin.carafate protocol, since treatment with the
protocol didn't go over well with Bandit. The results of the
Tennessee panel
you did are inconclusive to me, and I would agree with your vet on
the panel in about six months. Of course if signs of adrenal
disease become
clearer in the meantime, that would be unnecessary.

Good luck.

Dr. Ruth
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