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Date: 2001-07-31 15:39:00 UTC
Subject: Cedes' Adrenal Surgery

Cedes' surgery went well today. BOTH glands were removed. The left
was quite large and the right had a black nodule on it. Doc used
cryosurgery on the right. He feels he got all of it. I asked him
about hormone therapy. He plans to put Cedes on pred for a couple of
weeks and then go by symptoms after that. Don't I remember from
somewhere that bloodwork should be done soon after surgery to
determine if hormone levels are adequate? Seems I'm having to learn
lots of new things recently. I've never had one with both removed at
the same time.

Cedes also had his teeth cleaned. I've learned it's much, much
cheaper if they're already under iso. That's half the cost of teeth
cleaning. He'll be on amoxi for a couple of weeks for that.

Is there anything I should know or ask about the bilateral adrenal
surgery. This took me by surprise. Only a year and a half ago, both
of his adrenals were just fine (they were looked at during an
exploratory for suspected insulinoma).