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From: Nicole Hilliard
Date: 2001-07-30 13:57:00 UTC
Subject: losing hair in weird places

Hi. I've got another tough question here. Summer, my deaf
DEW, has been losing hair on her head and paws only. She has
lost most of the hair off of her ears (we call her "rat ears"
because she's funny to look at now).

And the hair loss on her paws doesn't include her fingertips.
She looks kind of weird. Her vulva has been a tiny bit swollen
for a couple of months now. There has been no change in the
size so I haven't done anything about it. She is eating,
drinking, and pooping normally too.

The hair loss on her head is in a band from the base of her
ears round her crown. If I can get my husband to bring home
his company's digital camera, I will try to post some pictures
of my guys.


Nicole & the 3 ferts