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From: Margie
Date: 2001-07-31 17:35:00 UTC
Subject: Would like vets input and ideas

Here is the sequence of events with Bubba, 12 yr old ferret.

On July 17, 2001, Bubba had surgery to remove 2 tumors from his rear
leg. (Biopsy shows both are cancerous). Left adrenal gland removed
was plasticixed (sp) but not cancerous.

He came home and was doing fine. Eating, drinking and recovering

On July 25, 2001, around 2 PM. I noticed a stitch came open and wound
was oozing. Took him back to clinic, Dr. Ivan, Ferret vet, not in.
The vet on duty cleaned him up and sent him home.

Same evening around 7:30 PM, I came back from shopping and noticed a
small amount of blood on the bedding. Looking at the incision, it was
open and leaking.

Took him to the ER vet clinic in St. Louis, MO. There they locally
numbed (I think) the incision area and flushed out the wound. Put him
on Baytryl. They said the wound was infected.

July 26, 2001, took Bubba back to my vet, Dr. Ivan. She rinsed the
area and was able to push out only blood clots. No signs of

Directions were to keep him on Batryl and rinse the area off several
times a day.

Bubba at this time had an appetite but his teeth were grinding. He
was then put on 1/8 tablet of pepcid a/c.

Saturday, he started to refuse to eat. I requested a prescription for
Carafate. He is on carafate 1/8 tablet once day.

Sunday, he started getting lethargic. Called the doctor and we added
sugar (which I had forgot) and pedialyte to his diet.

Monday, July 30, back for a recheck. Stitches came out. He is on
Sub-q of Ringers 4Xs a day. And the Baytril is being given by
injection. Dr. Ivan has add A/D to his diet. Which was just baby
food, honey, and Ensure or Deliver 2.0.

Since the ER visit when he is soaked I massage the incision site to
"bring out any remenants of infection."

At this point and time, he is fighting any attempts to give him food.
------------ Questions -----------

Can be be grinding his teeth for any other reason than ulcers?

Is there anything more, I can do to ease his discomfort?

Any suggestions, please.