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From: E- Z Huston Jewell
Date: 2001-02-20 13:59:00 UTC
Subject: skunks and ferrets

Hi Wolfy

I have 14 ferrets and seven skunks and a multitude of other critters,
including a serval. Skunk need to be wormed for roundworms monthly.
Other than that, as long as ALL the critters have had all their
respective vaccines, and all have had fecals run, and have been wormed
for whatever parasite might be present, there is no reason that I know
of that they cannot intermingle. Mine do, dogs, cats (domestic and
serval), skunks, ferrets and possums. All but the ferrets are loose in
the house all of the time actually.

I do not know of an organism that skunks might have naturally, that
could hurt any of the others. Skunks have continual roundworms,
however, they seldom show up in fecals. So if you worm them monthly
with Strongid T, live is good.

Any more skunkie questions, ask away, I love my skunkers. It is almost
baby season and will get another baby this year. Only one of mine was
ordered as a baby, the rest are rescues.

Pockwockie Crossing