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From: Karen Purcell, DVM
Date: 2001-07-31 17:29:00 UTC
Subject: Re: GI dz. and Hypoglycemia ;


> I was hoping to find out if any of the vets online
> have seen ferrets with GI disease that has caused or
> contributed to hypoglycemia. I read an article in the
> American Ferret Report from last fall that talked
> about IBD contributing to hypoglycemia. Has anyone
> else had that experience and/or with other GI diseases
> that occur in ferrets? If so, (this may not be
> answerable)..can you quantify how much it contributes?

Depends on the severity of disease. I've certainly seen
malnourished ferrets and those with severe vomiting/diarrhea with low
blood glucose - I've treated the main problem, and the BG came up to
normal levels. This happens in dogs and cats, too, but not as often.

> Btw, interstingly, her original insulinomas were
> encapsulated. I know that's not common. I had hoped
> it was the reason she had been stable for so long
> (over 1.5 years now)....sigh..maybe just wishful
> thinking :).
Probably was. I'm thinking she's going to end up a medical case,
from the sounds of things. After all, her BG's just aren't that low.

-Dr. Karen

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