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From: Sue
Date: 2001-07-31 21:29:00 UTC
Subject: Quest for vets about enlarged testicle and prepuce mass

I hope someone can possibly help. Our rescue had a ferret
surrendered to us today. He is an intact male with one
enlarged testicle and a mass on his prepuce. (I do not have
any history except he was fed dog food and lets just say--
very unkept).
His left testicle is about twice the size of the right and the
prepuce mass is about 2 cm. He is very thin, slightly ataxic
and PD, but not PU. I am going to pull blood to run a
complete profile and cbc. I am planning on taking him to the
vet tomorrow, but I was hoping for some suggestions or ideas
to help our vet with a prognosis. I have read about Sebaceous
gland adenocarcinomas and Sertoli tumors. Do you think that
is what we have growing here? I did a quick exam and his
heart and lungs sound fine and his prostate can not be felt.
I am not sure of his age b/c his teeth are broken and
discolored. (I would guess 3ish)
For the meantime he is clean and eating totally ferret. So
any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you
Sue, CVT