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Date: 2001-07-31 21:32:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Emmett the deathly ill ferret update

Thank you everyone for your responses to my call for help about my
post-op ferret. Emmett is alive because of your knowledge and
understanding. Here is a brief synopsis of what happened with him
following his surgery:
I wanted you to know that I took Emmett to his vet Sat and Sun and
she determined that he had ulcers because he had all the symptoms. We
went the Carafene, amoxi, Biaxin route and began to feed him with a
syringe every hour with only 1cc of food. We were also given an IV to
give him fluids subcutaneously because he was so dehydrated. He was
grinding his teeth terribly when he was fed and did not want to eat
or drink. He slept constantly until it was feeding or med time.

We were so concerned with his appearance and grinding Sunday evening
that we called a vet recommended by Dr. Williams site. They were much
more knowledgable and set up an appointment immediately for the next
morning. Emmett was examined and brought in for immediate surgery
following x-rays that illustrated a bloated stomach and intestines.
He also had abdomen pain. The vet said that he had severe
pancreatitis and peritonitis as well as another piece of rubber in
his intestines that was not removed during the first surgery. He
survived and is now more alert. We plan to take him home tomorrow.

Without everyone at the ferret list serv, we would not have realized
that our vet was not qualified to work with ferrets. Thanks for your

maureen, Jenn, and Emmett - as well as his brother and sister, Quasi
and Molly