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Date: 2001-07-31 23:02:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Poopy Problem

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> I have never posted to the list before, but am hoping for some
> info. I rescued a ferret back on May 26 and brought her into my
> that has 3 ferrets that are 3yr,2 1/2yr, and 2 yr. When i took her
> to the vet here she told me she had Giardia and treated her with
> flagyl. Soon the others developed diarrhea and they were all
> with flagyl and panacure for 5 days. I take them 2 hours away to a
> more ferret knowledgeable vet for shots and check ups June 29 still
> complaining of seedy loose stools, fecals taken,they find
> giardia,except the rescue,and put all of them on amoxidrops mixed
> with flagyl for 14 days. Called last week saying stools on a
> are still watery with just a little brown with the next one being
> brownish orange and seedy. He has me giving them 1cc of yogurt till
> 5 days after normal poops because he said we may have killed off
> of the good bacteria with medication for so long. None of them are
> lethargic,losing weight or acting funny, but no normal poops, one
> they are watery the next day loose and seedy and they stink. I am
> very concerned and would like any help is very hard
> find good ferret knowledgeable vets in my area, thats why i take
> 2 hours away, but they aren't getting any better with their advise
> either. Thank you for the help.
> Lynn and the four fuzzies
> Bandit,Mitzi,Gizmo and Callie the rescue

My vet told me the reason for seedy looking poop is because they are
not digesting their food properly. So I changed their diet. And now
they have fairly decent looking poop. I use the Wal-mart brand of
Kitten food (Special Kitty, purple bag), Puriena Kitten (40% crude
protien, and deli cat (just for something extra treat wise). I mix
it together and they like it. But best check with your vet. And I
also took them off the other stuff a little at a time. Good Luck