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From: Claire Curtis
Date: 2001-07-31 23:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: sand box

> Problem was, the ferrets never seemed interested. They like things like
> dirt or litter. Maybe I can get a few large bags of the dust free
> litter....
> anyone out there try it?

I use S'wheat kitty litter for my guys, both for litter and for digging.
It's made of wheat hulls, is non-toxic, clumps, and really is safe for
septic systems. I store it in a large plastic tub, and the guys love to
burrow through it. I worried at first that it might clump at their
noses, but it doesn't seem to. And they don't eat it, and so far have
never confused the storage/digging box with their litter pans.

I don't think I'd use clay litter to dig in -- I'm sure breathing silica
dust can't be good. I think wheat dust (if any and by contrast) would
break down on mucous membranes.


PS The guys still prefer to uproot the plants, whenever they manage to
get at them.

PPS -- and just to get a medical slant here -- s'wheat is really soft.
My guys seem to prefer walking in it better than walking on pelletized
litter, and if they were convalescing it might really make a
differerence in how easy it is to back into that corner.