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Date: 2001-07-31 19:24:00 UTC
Subject: The FOBFerrets List

Many apologies to folks....

we recently had to deal with a problem on the FOBFerrets list - as a result,
the archives have been temporarily closed to non-members. Because of the
nature of the problem (which is still on-going behind the scenes), FOBFerrets
will not accept any new members for a short time while we sort things out.
The membership *will* be re-opened in the near future. If you are interested
in joining FOBFerrets, please send a private email to
<> with a brief intro explaining who you are
and which email addy you'd be using as a member, so you can be sent an
invitation when the membership is re-opened.

Also, until the list is re-opened, several members are making sure that
anything important will be cross-posted to the more public lists.

Thank you!