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From: Erin Elizabeth Martin
Date: 2001-07-31 23:49:00 UTC
Subject: Taz & Jazz Abnormal Tail

Both of my ferrets are females, both albinos and both about a year
and a half old. I've owned them for a year now. About a month ago I
noticed the skin on their tails at the very tip (spanning about 1/4
of an inch) was darker than the rest of there body, like a brown to
dark brown color (something I don't ever remember seeing before). I
thought maybe their tails were dirty but when I gave them a bath it
didn't help. The hair on the tip of the tail also seems to be
thinning but other than that there have been no other changes. They
both are still pretty active and there personalities haven't changed
a bit. They show no signs of being sick, other than the outward
appearance of their tails. The only thing I've done differently in
the past couple of months, is I've started taking them outside on
leashes, just once in a while, not very often. I live in Germany, my
husband is stationed here, and we got the ferrets here in Germany.
I'm hoping to gain some insight as to what is wrong with their tails
if anything at all.

Erin Elizabeth Martin

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