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From: Kiersten
Date: 2001-08-01 00:27:00 UTC
Subject: new owner itchy question

Ive had a rescue female ferret for 2 months and within her first day or two
here i found she was itching a lot. I gave her a bath and used spray on
conditioner which seemed to help a bit but through time she still itches
quite a lot. It's not from overbathing as that was the only time I washed
her. She has no hair loss and is not sluggish or anything else so I figured
I'd wait until she has to go get her shots next month and ask the vet. Well
she was lonely so I got another rescue the same age (3 yrs) and this time
after 4 days he's started itching much more than he was! This seems crazy!
Is there some commen allergen to ferrets that I have in my house? if it's'
allergies how could they both have it? usually you don't think more than 1
could have it to some specific thing... Are there any common cleaners I
should avoid or something? maybe air fresheners I use? I'm trying to think
of anything! I feel bad that they are so itchy all the time... is there a
virus that could cause it? Any other ideas? If it's an allergen the vet
isn't going to find anything anyways so your ideas would be
appreciated...Sometimes it seems the spray on conditioner helps but they
HATE it!
Thank you for your time!
ps i know I'm reading a vet list so the numbers are skewed but on average
how many ferrets get adrenal disease? it seems like soooo many! It's not
as high as 1 in 5 or something is it? I hope i didnt fall in love with an
animal so susceptible to problems as that... :(