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Date: 2001-08-01 16:23:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret X - Pathology report is back

The following came from my friend. If any of the good
doctors on this list
would comment on this type of cancer, I would appreciate it.

>>The vet just called to tell me the results of Ferret X's
>>biopsy. She gave
me the good news first, ADV was >>negative (we did this
because a couple of
vets suggested >>it when we thought it was a lung problem, I
guess you >>see
this in ADV+ ferrets though my group is totally >>closed, no
breeding, no

>>Anyway, the cancer is terribly aggressive according to >>my
vet and there's
no effective chemo treatment that she >>is aware of. It's
called Hemangio
Sarcoma which is why >>when we aspirated it we just got blood.
She said
these >>ususally start in the liver or spleen but that this
>>might be a
prinicipal tumor in which case she feels she >>got all of it
microscopic parts can be in other >>places.