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Date: 2001-08-01 20:35:00 UTC
Subject: ferrets with GI ulcer sx

Hi Dr Karen,

Thanks for your lightening quick response. Both of my beanie babies continue to have episodic guiac positive stools, neither has ever had what could be considered overt melana. They both had additional GI exploratory surgery the first of july due to ongoing recurrent sx that may have been indicative of partial bowel obstructions, but neither has ever had any vomiting.
Partial gastric resects were performed by their vet in MD, who found continued bleeding ulcers in their stomachs.

What should I be looking for with IBS and would sx have presented during their last surgeries?? Charlie Weiss is their surgeon, and I'm fairly confident that if there are clues to IBS in the intestinal tract, he probably would have seen them during their GI exploratory. Could it have developed post gastric resects???

Sx were and continue to be apparent nausea (face rubbing with paws and running/rubbing bodies sideways along the length of of the carpet after eating)digging into carpet after meals and ongoing teeth grinding around mealtimes. breath of both smells like rotting tuna when they yawn. Considering both have had multiple surgeries in a short period of time, they are doing unbelievably well except for food related activities. both are running up and down 15 step staircase several times a day, swimming several times a week.

Any advise at this point muchly appreciated. Thanks.