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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-08-02 00:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] food choices

I agree wholeheartedly, ferret food is made for ferrets,
good ones like Totally ferret. I do think there are those
where an older ferret, rescue who just refuses the ferret
food, special
medical problems, or allergies.
Of course,a good BARF diet with low carbohydrates looks like
it may be the best if one can dedicate the time and energy to
do that.

It is actually the cheapest thing we get for our pets, at $3-4
per lb
for the better foods, instead of $1 per lb, is there really
any big
savings, considering a ferret only eats a few pounds a month?
We buy them hammocks, and toys, treats, fancy cages that cost
so much
more than the food.

Vet care is really the big expense with the ferret, and maybe
this can
be avoided as much as possible with a good diet, good dental
and if they do become ill they may have a stronger immune
system, and
overall condition to help them through the operation, or


> Folks,
> Just a note on some of the recent diets mentioned here.
Take a
> good look at the ingredients list of the cat/kitten foods
you are
> feeding your ferrets. Deli cat, in particular, is loaded
> artificial colors and preservatives - I won't recommend it
for cats,
> let alone ferrets. Ferret foods are expensive, but much
better for
> the health of your animals in the long run. So far, most of
> foods mentioned are on my "don't list" for any animal.
> Just my 0.02, to start a controversy I'm sure,
> Shrugging on my flame proof t-shirt,
> -Dr. Karen