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From: Troy Lynn Eckart
Date: 2001-08-02 12:14:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Ulcers, foods

Spike showed ulcer symptoms and his people said he had ulcers. When Larry
did surgery, the stomach and intestines looked great, he had two large
hairballs in his stomach. I would have thought they would have caused
abrasion but they didn't. After surgery Spike showed the same
symptoms, less the bloody stools though he did have diarrhea. It's been 3
weeks since his surgery and I've tried different treatments to help
him. Currently he is doing very well and eating a bit of kibble and 50-80
cc's of recipe 4 times a day (from 5:30-6pm - 7am) and getting a 3 inch
treat of ferretvite after his meals. He wasn't impressed with nutrical...

What seems to have helped Spike was adding a stomach acid blocker, pepcid
at each feeding, and Prilosec (I toss in 7 beads once a day). He's also
getting 1/10 of a cyproheptadine tablet once a day, 0.2 of pediapred, and
1/2 cc of amoxi. I recently added the amoxi and pediapred because we
were at a standstill on healing. Oh and children's Mylanta. I give the
Mylanta before feeding and the rest is given with his meal. I do talk
with Larry before adding or changing our treatment and I do recommend that
others do the same. Some medications may react negatively to others or
they may prevent others from working properly or safely.

I've had several little ones with ulcers that didn't respond to the
treatment, Krystal was one, and she died on week 6 of her treatment. Her
necropsy showed many tiny ulcers and one large one that had perforated her
stomach lining. I had followed the protocol to the T on her, never
missing a dose of whatever it was time for. sigh...

In some cases I've had better results with Pepto than Carafate as the
little ones fought the carafate so much it stressed them out more,
or in combination with. Pepto I mix with heavy whipping cream about 10
minutes before feeding and they think it is a before meal dessert.

When Rikki started bleeding out I didn't have any carafate so I used pepto
at 1 cc every hour for 12 hours which did stop the bleeding. she was on
treatment with pepto, carafate, and amoxi for 3 weeks with around the
clock treatment.

I do wonder if some of the symptoms we see and think are ulcers, might
be acid reflux or other ailments.

Now for foods :-)
Hey, I feed Deli-cat. Of course it is mixed in with the good stuff but I
have a few that won't eat the good stuff alone. I've found also that in
our area, people are more likely to mix foods than to feed the more
expensive and properly formulated foods by themselves. I also feed canned
food and a nutritional liquid recipe twice a day. Our home has food bowls
in every room, yep, even the bathroom, some mixed some one brand, but come
breakfast and supper time the kitchen looks like a buffet line with the
little ones lining up for their favorite food (recipe, canned, watered
down kibble, cereal - Marshmallow Mateys if you please and only a
little). :-)

What I never could figure out is that I'll buy the best foods for them
and some sniff it and walk off. I've smelled it and some smells just like
chicken! Yet a little one comes to me eating a cheap generic cat food and
everyone gobbles it right down.

Hugs to all. tle
Troy Lynn Eckart Ferret Family Services