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From: steve austin
Date: 2001-03-03 09:34:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Why should I test for ADV?

I have one ferret who hasn't seen another ferret for two years. Why
should I test for ADV?

In my opinion, not breeding, not a shelter, not a sick ferret. Don't see
a reason to test, since there is no treatment, and no risk of spread.
If the one ferret is going to go to shows, or the owner is ferret
sitting, or the owner is thinking about adding to the family- then there
is a moral question here. If you don't test and have a ADV positive
ferret that you have brought to many shows and even bred, are you at
fault if the ADV is spread to other ferrets?? If you test and know that
the ferret has ADV then you would know not to breed, or go to shows.
However, there may be some that would rather not know And even some that
would bring the ferret anyhow.
So, the answer, "universal precautions"- used in hospitals. Assume
everything is infected, and take precautions. Shows need to disinfect
between ferrets, owners need to use caution when allowing ferrets to play
together, and know the risks.

My feeling is almost everyone would not test, unless the ferret was ill
and ADV was considered. Those that would test probably have had
experience with ADV- are involved in research, sheltering ADV positives,
or have a ferret with it. Something to be said for experience.

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