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From: Megan
Date: 2001-08-02 08:00:00 UTC
Subject: Almost that time - Yearly Shot Concern

Hi All,

Since it will be time to get my 5 kids distemper and rabies shots in
October I am starting to have some concern if I should have my one
ferret, Jada, vaccinated. Last year I took her in for her shots and
she had a very, very, very bad INSTANT reaction. Since the vet gave
her both shots during the same visit I am not sure which one caused
it, though I am guessing it was the distemper. It happened seconds
after the shot was given to her though. She was lifeless (eyes
rolled to the back of her head and limp body, barely breathing). One
of the girls took her in the back and I suppose the vet gave her a
shot of benedryl and brought her back out to me. Then when they
handed her to me a TON of blood shot out of her butt. I was scared
to death and thought I lost my little girl that day. NOW, from what
I have read and had people tell me the 2nd time around with this is
MUCH MORE WORSE (almost fatal). I do not want to put her through
that and possibly kill her because of the vaccinations. I am not
sure what to do so I need some help. Should I not get her vaccinated?