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From: Russell Prater
Date: 2001-08-02 17:19:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Almost that time - Yearly Shot

Megan wrote:

> I have read and had people tell me the 2nd time around with this is
> MUCH MORE WORSE (almost fatal). I do not want to put her through
> that and possibly kill her because of the vaccinations. I am not
> sure what to do so I need some help. Should I not get her vaccinated?

I am not a vet, just a long time ferret owner. I see you having three
options. 1) Find out whhich vaccine she was given and give the other,
that is is she got Fervac-D, give Galaxy-D next time with pretreatment.
2) Wait until Merial releases their new vaccine and use that. 3) Don't
vaccinate her any more. You can have a titer test run to see if she
really needs the vaccine.

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