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Date: 2001-03-03 10:06:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Why should I test for ADV?

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> I have one ferret who hasn't seen another ferret for two years. Why
> should I test for ADV?

Great question, but probably a little less complicated than you'd

You should test if:

Your ferret shared cage/play space with other ferrets who have
histories you can't track down.

That covers an extremely broad area:

Distribution clearing houses for ferrets shipped & sold through pet

Ferret gatherings where ferret competitions include games using
mazes, tracks, tubes, etc. that are used by all competing ferrets.

Previous owners were friends with other ferret owners where the
ferret in question might have visited the other's play area.

If there have been cases of ADV reported in your area you should be
especially cautious when acquiring new ferrets. Quarrantine pending
ADV results is not all that hard to accomplish and should not be
neglected. A separate room for housing & play and a parvocide
chemical (we use Synphenol-3). Food/water bowls, bedding, litter
boxes, toys should all be separate from those used by other ferrets.
All members of the household/staff must know and use proper
disinfection procedures for the entire quarantine period.

We discount the timespan since potential transmittal. Usually,
symptoms show up within months if there is active ADV (or so we've
been told). BUT... the results aren't in yet. The research is still
underway... we don't know for sure enough to take chances.

Bear in mind that your vet is not likely to call you up to
say "There's been a case of ADV in my clinic/a clinic in town."
(Admittedly, that'd be nice from the ferret owner's perspective, but
it's really a little unreasonable for the vet.)You'll have to ask.
Nor is he going to say "So & So have ADV positive ferrets." Just the
information that ADV is local should be enough to generate caution.

The responsibility of preventing a possible further transmittal is up
to the current owner of the ferret, not the previous owner, or the

The peace of mind is well worth the cost and quarantine period.

Debi Christy
Ferret First Foster Home