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From: Star
Date: 2001-08-02 20:58:00 UTC
Subject: Isadora's Heart

Took my 4 year old shelter girl Isadora into the vet
today because it appeared there was something wrong
with her eye. She was holding it squinted shut most of
the afternoon. Nothing wrong with her eye but the vet
had some concerns listening to her heart. He said it
seems to beat regularly then stop for a few seconds,
then start up again. So here are my questions:

Could she have had this her whole life and it's no big

Could this be the start of cardiomyopathy?

Do I go ahead with the $200 + ultrasound and $60 +

She does plop down on the floor and do the flat ferret
sigh more often than my other ferrets. I have an
appointment to have her and Boo's blood sugar checked
next week because I suspected they may both have the
start of insulinoma. She has lost some weight since
she's been here but I chalked it up to stress as she's
eating well. She's free roam and doesn't care for the
ferrets other than the other 3 she free roams with.

Thanks for any advice.


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