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Date: 2001-08-03 01:36:00 UTC
Subject: Help Please! Sick Ferret

Hello FFL,

I have a female that is one year old. When I first brought her home
at 3 months old I took her to the vet and got her all her shots.

At about 5 months old she started to lose some hair. The hair loss
was on the front of her front paws, her ears and her belly. I took
her back to the vet and the vet said she was too young for Adrenal
disease. He gave her some shots for allergies and they didn't help.

At about 7 months old I noticed a green discharge from her vagina.
The vet gave her Cefa drops after a urine analyses that revealed
blood. After 7 days of medication we did another urine analyses and
it came back OK. Then we noticed that her fur was growing back in
all areas.

Several months went by and I noticed blood from her vagina and the
green discharge. The green discharge probably never went away but
just went unnoticed. The vet gave her Cefa drops again and the green
discharge didn't go away.

The vet took xrays to rule out bladder problems but did a culture of
the green discharge. It came back positive for a bacteria (don't
know what it was) and after using 2 different antibiotics and surgery
she still had the green discharge.

The vet then used a scope on her vagina and found hair at the back of
her vagina and removed the hair and flushed the vagina.

Two weeks later she still has the green discharge. I try to examine
her as often as I can. She does have a small amount of blood at the
opening of her vagina once in a while but never blood with the green

Any help would be greatly appreciated,