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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-03-03 10:10:00 UTC
Subject: Ideas Needed!

I will be "babysitting" a dead ferret this weekend and taking
it into the vet Monday for a necropsy for the owners who liver
far out of town and work during the week.
Here is the situation: Both Males, appx 6 years old. Bought as
pet store kits and only had this one family. They fed Eukanube
and Science Diet cat foods and they have never seen a vet or
had vacccinations. (they live in the middle of nowhere and
vets didn't know anything about ferrets)
As of Wenseday afternoon, both were acting totally normal,
seemingly fine and healthy. Wenseday night one drops over
They called the local vet who told them "Oh ferrets rarely
make it to 6 and often just die quickly"... so the guy
believed this to be normal and buried the ferrets.
This morning they awoke to find the other one dead. They are
way freaked.
SO.. I'll be "babysitting" the ferret and taking it in to our
vet for the necropsy. I have a list of questions I have
already or will be asking them to try to help narrow it
down... my list is below. Does anyone have any other thoughts
or ideas of other information I should ask for? I will be
Foods fed.
When last (current) food was purchased and opened.
I have requested they bring a sample of the food.
Access areas for the ferrets, any thing that might possibly
have gotten into.
Any chemicals etc in the home.