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Date: 2001-08-03 06:42:00 UTC
Subject: RE: food choices

I've been reading with interest the discussions on what foods to
feed our
little ones. Firstly, I have to agree that if you're feeding a
ferret, then
you feed ferret food.

That aside, I must admit, due to the bad food that TF put out last
year, I've
re-thought my feelings on what I'm feeding my kids. I used to feed
exclusively. I now use a mix of TF, 8in1 Ultimate and yes, a cat
food (much
against my gut feelings)...ProPlan Chicken.

I am now considering dropping the ProPlan and introducing Eagle Pack
Food. I feed my dogs and cat Eagle Pack as I feel it to be superior
and I now
see they've have a ferret food. It's close to TF however not quite.
believe it's 34% protein and 21% fat...a little low on the fat
content but
it's ingredients make it look pretty darned good. The company sent
me a 5lb
bag to try. Also, it's less money than TF. A local distributor told
me his
cost was about $5.50 for 5 lbs which translates most likely into
$11.00 for 5
lbs retail...considerably less than TF.

I'm curious...have any of you encountered the Eagle Pack ferret food
and what
are your thoughts on it.

Barb and the 5 whirling dervishes...Gus, Zak, Hope, Bren and Kate

Please give to Aleutian Disease research...the ferret you save may
be your