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From: Lynn Siegel
Date: 2001-08-03 13:32:00 UTC
Subject: Poopie smelling ferret w/diaherra

First of all I want to thank the doctors & members of the list for
responding & giving me information on Phloxi's dislocated elbow. I now have
the names of some doctors here in FL that are ferret specialists, if we have
another emergency like this one. It is always good to have more than one
option. Phloxi was taken to a hospital in Tampa where she had surgery.
That was a week ago yesterday. Up until last night she had a
bandage/wrapping on but finally managed to get out of it. She is going to
the doctor today to hopefully get another put on to protect her arm from
further damage. We don't know yet how she will be, but have good hopes.

I have a male ferret about 5 years old who has been having bouts of diaherra
recently. But also when he is picked up there is a faint smell of poop on
him. He doesn't lay in the litter box, doesn't have any poop on him. The
first time about a month ago that he was taken to the vet, the doctor
thought his scent/anal glands were rather full (he still has his scent
glands) & they were expressed. He was put on Baytril for awhile & the
diaherra went away & so did the faint odor.

Now he is having diaherra again & also the odor. Actually he had the odor
before he ever had diaherra, several months ago, so I don't think they are
connected but don't know. The vet didn't know why he had that odor. It
isn't strong but can be smelled when he is picked up.

Is there something that might cause this & the re-occurring diaherra? If
the scent glands are full again does this mean that they will have to be
expressed every month? At what point should it be considered to remove them
& how serious is the surgery at his age? I have heard it could have a lot
of serious complications such as paralysis of the hind quarters.

Any information is appreciated as I have to make another appointment for him
to get looked at soon & want to be prepared.

Thank you,
Lynn & Clan War Weasels