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Date: 2001-08-03 15:37:00 UTC
Subject: post operative coagulating of blood leading to coma/death

Hello All,

I am writing in the hopes that one or more of the vets on this board
shed some light on a condition I have never heard of until today.

My partner, Linda, took our latest rescue, Popcorn, in for adrenal
He had a huge spleen and showing classic hair loss pattern. Surgery
performed yesterday afternoon. He was taken to a very reputable
ferret vet.
Both adreanals were removed. The spleen altho very large
(megaspleen) was
left due to having to remove both adrenals.

Popcorn seemed to have a normal recovery. He awoke from his
anesthesia, ate
and was alert altho uncomfortable. He was eyeballed at the vets
every 15
mins. This morning, late, one of the vet techs noticed a LOT of
The vet was called in. Popcorn went into a coma. His blood began to
coagulte thru out his little body. Anti couagulants were given but
to no
avail. We lost Popcorn shortly after noon today.

My questions follow.

Is there a test that would/could determine the likelihood of this
before taking a ferret into surgery? If we had known of this
(already present before surgery?) we would have opted for lupron or
other drug therapy. If there is a test and it does show a
for the blood to coagulate like this, is there some sort of treatment
could be used to avoid it.

We very much appreciate your input. We are a new shelter and would
much have loved to save this life. We are looking to save future
lives thru
our questioning.

Karen and the Scruff You Gang