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From: meesh meesh
Date: 2001-08-03 18:50:00 UTC
Subject: VETS: Help or Help direct me

I don't know if this is a question that can be
answered here on the FHL. But, if not, I am hoping
the vets here will be able to point me in the right
direction in terms of finding an answer.
I just wondered what your experience with Enacard
has been with respect to it causing renal
compromise/damage in ferrets? I know they are
"sensitive" to it but I understood that to be in
regards to hypotension. Have you seen many ferrets
*only* on enacard? and, of those that you have, have
you monitored their renal values? If so, do you often
see increases in Bun, Creatinine, and/or other
problems indicating renal problems?
Reason I ask is that Mighty Mouse has proteinuria
(based on chemostix - will do a proper urinalysis on
monday). If the Urinalysis and Protein-Creatinine.
ratio are not normal, the hypoalbuminia (decreasing
albumin over 1.5 years) (= 3.0 at present points
towards glomerulonephritis (far as I can tell from my
reading - haven't had sm. an. med. rotation yet). We
can't do a biopsy because it's contraindicated in
animals with one kidney and/or with renal cysts (she
has both). So, if we assumed she had
glomerulonephritis, Enacard is supposedly good, AND,
it would help her AI (recently diagnosed), BUT, it
supposedly can cause renal damage and we don't have a
lot of room to maneuver..(one
apparently-not-so-perfect, kidney).
Do any of you have any personal experience or
thoughts you might like to contribute? AND/OR, are
there any cardiologists you know who deal with ferrets
frequently. Unfortunately, my school hasn't seen a lot
of ferrets with cardiac problems. I'm going to have
to do most of this research on my own. I'm going to
see if I can't get a copy of the echocardiograms (one
from 2 years ago and the more recent one), or at least
the reports, and maybe talk/consult with a
cardiologist who has seen a fair number of ferrets.
Got any suggestions ? (names of various cardiology
vets who might be receptive to such a request/call?)

Appreciative of any advice you have,

Michaela Maurice
College of Veterinary Medicine
Ohio State University
Class of 2002

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