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From: meesh meesh
Date: 2001-08-03 18:55:00 UTC
Subject: Dr. Williams: re: IBD

Dr. Williams,
Hi. I can't find the FHL where I recently read your
comments on IBD, but (correct me if I"m wrong) I
thought you stated you were not convinced of IBD being
a true disease entity in ferrets. If this is correct,
given your extensive experience in the world of ferret
pathology (and ferret medicine), do you have any
thoughts on what may be happening in ferrets that have
been given this as a diagnosis? I'm gathering this
diagnosis is being given based on
lymphocytic-plasmacytic infiltrates being found in the
biopsies of the intestines (is this correct ?). If it
is, or if it isn't, I just wondered what your thoughts
were on the issue.
Just curious :)

Michaela Maurice
College of Veterinary Medicine
Ohio State University
Class of 2002

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