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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-08-04 00:29:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] AFR Article on IBD

I posted the article in the files section of the FHL, thank you
to Mary for allowing the posting. The article is from
The American Ferret Report (AFR), a report put out by
the AFA. For those interested in receiving it please contact the
AFA and become a member ( )

I think there is still more to learn, and the study by Dr. Burgess
has some limitations, but it does open the door for discussion.
According to the article the diagnosis of IBD is divided into
two categories of Eosinophilic
gastroenteritis, and Lymphoplasmacytic gastroenteritis. The article
discusses the diagnosis of lymphoplamacytic gastoenteritis, which
involves a biopsy, and blood tests.
Cause is unknown, although thought to be from chronic inflammation
due to virus, parasite, allergies, etc. Similar to EE.

I was thinking that ECE could leave damage similar to what is described,
although ECE was not thought to be the common cause in this article. But
did mention further studies to rule this out were needed, as well as
for ADV, which wasn't done in the original study.

I think a larger study would help pinpoint the cause of the overall
of the ferret's digestive tract, and surrounding lymph nodes that Dr.
found in many ferrets, even some that were asymptomatic but undergoing
surgery for other reasons.

The treatment is a change of diet, and immunosuppresive therapy.

I would love to hear any comments or theories about IBD in ferrets.

The article never mentioned what the biopsy results show, but since
it is called lymphoplasmacytic I am assuming this is the biopsy?
Any comments? How often does the pathologist find this on
a biopsy?


> Hi Folks!
> > Is it o.k. to post the article in the AFA newsletter Nov/Dec 2000
> by Dr.
> > Burgess on IBD?
> As long as it's properly credited, feel free to post it. Thanks for
> asking!
> Mary McCarty-Houser
> Vice President, American Ferret Assn
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