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Date: 2001-08-04 11:05:00 UTC
Subject: aggressive ferret

I posted before about our post op ferret, Emmett, who had intestinal
surgery last week (twice). He is doing very well and has been home
for three days. This morning, we let the other ferrets (Molly - 1.5
years, female) and Quasi (2.5 years, male) out to play with him
(supervised). Quasi was happy to see him, however Molly became very
aggressive. She tried to grab his scruff and he rolled over onto his
back. She then began jumping on him and trying to get to his scruff.
I have never seen her this aggressive, even when playing, although
she is more aggressive than the boys.

I put bitter apple onto Emmett's neck after putting Molly in time out
in her cage for awhile, but she was even worse when we let her out
(with more Bitter Apple).

We would appreciate any suggestions on how and when to reintroduce
them. Thanks.

Maureen and the gang