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Date: 2001-08-04 11:48:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] flat ferret

In a message dated 8/4/2001 7:39:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

My little ones all flat ferret from time to time. Isis does it
when she
thinks I am not playing with her enough. my boys do it after they
played too hard and are taking a breather... I think a certain
amount of
flat ferret is fine, but it is my understanding and I may be
wrong, that
too much flat ferreting could be indicative of other things. But
I do
think it is a normal behaivor.

I agree with her. All of mine do this for these reasons, and waiting
someone to get done with the litter box. When it's really hot and
humid they
do this a lot more and I know that they are starting to suffer from
the heat
and I take measures to cool them down. They also do this when they
are really
tired and still want to play. (like when company's over)
Amy and the boys