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From: katharine
Date: 2001-08-04 17:06:00 UTC
Subject: Re: aggressive ferret

Maureen wrote:
<Quasi was happy to see him, however Molly became
aggressive. She tried to grab his scruff and he
rolled over onto his
back. She then began jumping on him and trying to
get to his scruff.
I have never seen her this aggressive, even when
playing, although
she is more aggressive than the boys.<

I would bet that Emmett just smells funny after
being at the vet and having surgery. I also have
one recovering from surgery. I let Cedes out with
the others for a while starting yesterday.
Chester and Dillon just sniffed and went on. Emma
was frantic to sniff Cedes. I was holding Cedes
in my lap and finally lifted him to my shoulder.
Emma kept frantically climbing me. I was
concerned she might hurt him so I kept him away
from her. Today, she is fine. I think he just
smelled funny and she didn't recognize him.

I also let the others go into Cedes' hospital cage
while I held him to burrow in the covers, etc. I
think that helps with recognition also. Of
course, they made a total disaster of his cage.
Emma knocked the water over. I have now learned
to wait until after they explore to clean up his