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From: katharine
Date: 2001-08-04 17:12:00 UTC
Subject: Cedes' Bilateral Adrenal Surgery

Cedes, as you remember, had bilateral adrenal
surgery on Tuesday. He is doing just great! He
is almost back to his old self. I have been
letting him out with Emma, Chester, and Dillon
today and they are all doing fine. No one is
picking on him (see previous post about Emma
trying to get to him). I think, by tomorrow, I
will move him back with the others. He is strong
enough to climb. I know because I put him into
the big cage and he climbed all over it. His
incision looks really great also and doesn't
appear to be sore. Animals are truly amazing! I
would be wimping all over the place after a major
surgery like that.

Will take him Monday to do bloodwork. Thanks to
all of you who advised me. We will be checking
his sodium/potassium ratio. Doc was just fine
with it. Dr. Karen recommended we do this 5-7
days post surgery. I think we need to check again
about a week after he finishes his prednisone
also. I have been watching him carefully in case
he crashes but it hasn't happened, thank God. I
hope this means he has enough residual tissue
(either ectopic or floaters) in there to keep him
from having to take hormone medications forever.