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From: Georgia Bambaci
Date: 2001-03-03 12:14:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Please Help (Dr. Williams) Part 2 of question

Part 2:
Should I still be using the Nupro for the older
ferret? I have heard that ferrets love Linatone but
when I adopted my four, I was told to use Nupro on top
of their food. I have never used the Linatone, should
I be using that instead of Nupro? Don't they do the
same thing?

Part 1:
Hi Everyone,

I have two questions that require answers. (1) I
believe I read somewhere that when older ferrets
develop dry pads on their paws and that there is some
household product you can use to help keep them
moisturized. (2) I would like to switch my 4 year old
to a (senior) ferret food to make sure he's getting
the proper nutrition. Any suggestions? We are
currently feeding our four ferrets 8 and 1 Regular
with Nupro supplement. Thanks in advance.

Response to Part 1:
Dear Georgia:

Most emollient hand creams can be used in ferrets to
moisturize the pads - they are safe, even if licked by
the ferret, (but should not replace Linatone.) The
mechanism between crusty pads in ferrets and dry hands
in humans is no different - inappropriate dequamation
of worn-out epithelial cells in sheets rather than
singly. Many things can cause this, including age,
low humidity, allergy, etc. It is one of few symptoms
that we treat simply for the purpose of treating a
symptom. As a famous human pathologist once said
"Dandruff is not a disease, however unsightly, its
common enough to be considered normal."

Regarding nutrition for your older ferret - let's drop
the protein - if kibble is your thing, look into
Totally Ferret for Geriatric Ferrets. (that'll
probably get me in trouble with some people, but I
don't claim to be a nutritionist!)

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