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From: Karen Purcell, DVM
Date: 2001-08-04 19:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] food choices

In response to all the food comments, as below:

> ok cause were taking food here :).. I have seen most rave about TF but by
> reading all the ingredients I feel that maybe 8-1 Pro Ultra Advanced
> nutrition diet for ferrets may be best.. what are your opinions?
> it starts out with Chicken then chicken meal ground rice and chicken fat
> then all the other stuff.. tho is has raisin juice and banana and some fish
> oil they are not high ranking in the list of all it the rest sound good
> and you know the list goes on.. would you suggest this is better maybe then
> TF? after all this has no corn in it and most other's does.. i know MF is
> like mink food.. tho i had my babies on that for almost 6months.. and they
> seem great :)
> even thinking of mixing 8-1 pluss MF OR TF.. so which you all think is

I recommend giving a buffet, in case all the foods are unavailable
at any given time. My current buffet (for my 4 fuzzbutts) includes
primarily Totally Ferret, with some 8 in 1 ultimate, Mizzouri (SP?)
that I picked up to try, and Maxkitten, just because they love it (a
very small percentage of the whole). They definitely show a
preference for the Totally Ferret. I supplement with occasional
Ferretone or poultry baby food, duck soup on special occasions. I
stopped recommending Iams when they increased the corn, and I had some
ferrets develop urinary tract blockages.
BTW, dehydrated veggies and fruit have no place in a ferret's diet,
as they are obligate carnivores. I'd hate to have to surgically
remove any of that undigested food when it causes a blockage. Meat
makes great treats.
More cents from my side of things,
-Dr. Karen