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From: Steph
Date: 2001-08-05 03:11:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret Vets please

To any of the vets, or any anyone else that may have any ideas
about this. I know that I have not posted in awhile as most
of the responses I have had have felt that what I am observing
is normal ferret behavior. I have had ferrets for 7 years and
have felt that Mikey has gone beyond the norm. He flat
ferrets a lot and at times can only go a couple of steps
before lying down again. After something more stressful than
usual, such as last week when one of my cats did not want to
bother with him, Mikey took off when he was warned, when I
found him he just lay in my lap for an extended period before
seeming back to normal. There was one night when I heard him
chewing violently up and down the inside of his legs. When I
went to help him Mikey started jumping up and down all the
while biting himself very hard at his chest and legs. I know
that I was told this was ferret dancing, but I truly believe
he was in distress. (I have seen ferret dancing, and Mikey
loves to ferret dance) When I was trying to help him he was
defecating all over me and everywhere.
When I get up in the middle of the night Mikey often follows
me. I am in a one bedroom apartment so there is never far to
go. Last night when he went to follow me he walked a few
steps, lay on his side then did this again. I have never seen
flat ferret done on the side.
Just to recap what has been done so far with Mikey.
Fecal  negative
Urine culture  bladder infection (when I first got him. He
also had a low grade fever, enlarged spleen, and tonsils all
since cleared up)
Fine needle biopsy of enlarged lymph nodes  (swollen all down
one side of body) fat was hit so may have been fat pads (do
fat pads just disappear?) since back to normal.
X-ray  normal
Ultrasound of heart  normal
EKG  normal
Complete bloods  Alt 390
Alk Phos 192
Bilirubin 1.1
(may have been related to previous infection)

What does show up over and over again is Mikeys slow heart.
It has been measured as low as 140. Last reading, almost two
weeks ago, was 190, which is one of the highest readings for
Mikey. My vet and I would not mind so much that his heart is
slow, except for his other behavior.
Yesterday I was in the kitchen and noticed a small amount of
blood on the floor. I checked Mikey right away, but did not
see anything. It could have been any of my other pets, so I
cannot say for sure who, but Mikey was there. I think that I
will have his urine checked again just in case it came from
there. He was a bit damp around there, but may have just gone
so I know that it is probably nothing.
My vet has been away, but one of the things that has been
discussed has been running bile acids if we can find the
normals, so these may be run when he gets back this week. He
is saying that there is a slight possibility of a liver shunt,
except that he would expect the heart rate to be too fast
rather than too slow. I know that he does not believe that the
slightly abnormal liver readings are anything to worry about,
but at this point I think he wants to rule them out. I know
that my vet does not give up and as long as Mikey does not
seem right , or that we know that he is not in any sort of
danger we will keep trying.
I know that I am not giving much to go on, but has anyone seen
anything like this? I would especially like to hear from any
of the vets. I should add that Mikey is 5 months old and
since I got him 2 months ago have noticed very slight
Thank you,
Steph (paranoid mom), and Mikey (amazing ferret)