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From: RRC
Date: 2001-08-05 04:28:00 UTC
Subject: Bob C: Skeleton Series Update

With the completion of the head skeleton, I've covered the bones of the
body. What I haven't covered is the dentition, skeletal differences
between ferrets and other mammals and why they exist, the stuff I've
seen in ferret skeletons and why it has importance to ferret owners, and photos.

Because what I will be showing photos requiring a basic understanding of
odontology, the part on dentition is rather long. At first I asked Sukie
if I could send it to her and let her take the heat for the length as I
hid behind her skirts, but that isn't fair to her. Besides, I'm sure
someone could eventually track down where I live anyway. Instead, I will
break it into several parts and post one per day, starting Monday (for
those who download at work). Even then, the posts will be long and
involved. I will post text first, then photos of teeth, then I will
return to the skeleton and complete the series.

The reason I have gone into such depth is because teeth are only
superficially discussed in most ferret books, and even ferret medical
books tend to gloss over ferret dentition and problems. So, I have
compiled information from all my sources, ranging from the latest
edition of "Colyer's Variations and Diseases of the Teeth of Animals" to
Leche's 1915 "Zur Frage nach der Stammesgeschichtlichen Bedeutung des
Milchgebisses bei den Saugetieren. II: Viverridae, Hyaenidae, Felidae,
Mustelidae, Greodonta" to unpronounceable stuff written in Russian.
Don't worry; I have left most of the stuff out, simplified it
tremendously, and only touched on the highlights. Even so, it is pretty
long and some places have a lot of terminology to wade through.

I just thought I would warn you all about the size of the thing and
explain why is it so large. I apologize to all who hate reading more
than a single paragraph. Someday, someone will find a cure for the
"lecture gene," and I can get the therapy I richly deserve.

Bob C