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From: Marla Wadsworth
Date: 2001-08-05 11:53:00 UTC
Subject: thnaks to all..need more advice

thanks to all on your insite into flat ferreting.....I had posted before
about my new little adiption named Fro and hoe she was lethargic and
somewhat weak and had mentioned it being depression as the vert found
nothing wrong...this happened again this weekend..stools were a little
seedy but time she is active and sometimes she will start
to run and then stop like she is off in another world..drinking and food
seem OK...I had some sort of respiratory thing this week...stuffy
nose..etc...could she have gotten that? She is 4 years old and never
really got out of her cage much until she came with me...a friend tried
to touch her today and she hissed alot but only at this one
person...otherwise she was licking fingers...sometimes I feel like I
need an interpretor in ferretise!!!