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Date: 2001-03-03 12:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: fasting before surgery - nausea after

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Kristine" <fuzzies@b...> wrote:
> Hi Kim!
> We don't fast before surgeries either...this is going on 3 years

Our vets allow us to attend all surgeries for which we generally fast
for 3 hours. All of our surgeries have been under Iso as well... But
we frequently see nausea (gagging & some vomiting) that lasts for 5
to 30 minutes. Granted, the nausea is mild, but not so mild that I
would want to leave a post-op ferret unattended for the first hour
following surgery.

I've got to wonder what I'm missing here, or if I've mis-blamed the
source of post surgical nauseau. (& oddly enough, one of the stomach
surgeries, a hairball, was just a couple of gags.)

I really can't say that I've ever seen a ferret that didn't gag at
least a time or two when waking up from Iso. Is the gagging perhaps
just a response to the intubation rather than the anesthetic?

Debi Christy
Ferrets First Foster Home