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From: Bruce Williams, DVM
Date: 2001-08-05 15:15:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Fw: Dr Williams please HELP

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Sandy" <spieper@a...> wrote:
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> We have a ferret we rescued (Teddy bear) approx. 3 yrs old he was a
whole male, we had him nuetered about 2 weeks after we got him. He
seemed to recover from that fine. After the stitches were removed we
tried to integrate him into our other 2 ferrets lives and he became
sick a week or so slimy green mucous looking stool, then
diahrea. He became very sick in a short time and we went thru 4 vets
before we found Dr Sharon Marx in state college who hospitalized him
for 4 days, we brought him home last tuesday, on the way home he was
eating kibble (eukanuba intestinal formula) on his own (finally). The
treatment we are giving him is as follows : 20cc sub q 3x a day, 1/8
tab sucralfate 3x a day,.50ml amoxidrops 2x a day, 1 to 2 ml
kaopectate 3x a day and we are feeding him chicken baby food, Dr Marx
wanted us to mix eukanuba low residue adult canned food with it but
Teddy isnt havng it all. A friend of mine said to change to ad with
boost at at least 60cc a day. Dr marx suspects a relapse from a prior
bout with ece due to stress, or possibly a heliobactor. The
treatment we are giving him doesnt seem to be getting him better its
been 4 days since he came home and he still will only get up when we
get him up and we have to feed him by hand. This is our very first
ever sick ferret and we are learning so much, I now know that I have
to force him to eat weather he wants to or not. My question is do you
think an ulcer protocal would be a better maybe some
amoxi and biaxim and continue the sub q fluids for awhile , we are
only supposed to administer them till tomorrow. I will be getting
some ad and boost tomorrow and mixing that with his chicken baby food
and making sure he gets at least 60 cc a day. we will do whatever it
takes please tell me what you think ?

Dear Sandy:

Don't be disheartened so soon - 4 days isn't very long - treatment of
many diarrheal diseases actually takes months. If Teddy won't have
any Eukanuba, don't foce him. If he is taking chicken baby food by
itself, let's go with that alone for two weeks before we even think
of adding anything. Switching foods too quickly (like switching over
to a/d) when he is eating someting (even if he has to be hand fed can
be self defeating and upset this apple cart.

Regarding the possibility of ulcers - you haven't mentioned any of
the classic signs for ulcers - teeth grinding and dark tarry stools)
that would indicate the presence of an ulcers. While he very well
may have a small one going, I generally don't recommend an antibiotic
trial unless I have something definite to go on.

If he likes the chicken baby food, and will eat it - don't add
anything. BBF does a very good job with these animals, and they can
be maintained on it for quite a while. Even 30 days on only baby food
will not result in an adverse signs.

Botom line - quit adding things and give him some time to adjust to a
feeding schedule on his own. Give him as much baby food as he wants
every 4-6 hours and plenty of water, love and affection. In 2-4
weeks, you can start adding back some of his normal ration.

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, DVM