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Date: 2001-08-05 18:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: sick ferret...update

Thanks Sidney,
Right now she is too sick to move let alone eat or drink on her own.
Her whole body is limp. I am giving her Pedelite with a dropper every
10 to 15 minutes.I notice her zoning out, eyes fixed open, a little
while after I give her the medication. I think it is causing her to
be lethargic. At the end of the 12 hours before the next dose kicks
in she seems to perk up a little. Even tries to get around and go
potty. She can still barley stand at that point but she tries. Her
legs don't work well right now and her balance is shot. Is the
medication to strong for her 1 pound body? She is on Choramphenicol
(1 ml every 12 hours). She looks like she is dying but I hope she is
just tired and zoned from the medication. Her eyes look better
actually, not such a sick look to them. At one point yesterday she
was licking the vitamin paste off my finger but not today. I had
better go give her some more water. Thanks everyone, Kris

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., Sydney <sydneyharper@y...> wrote:
> I used to have a ferret that would get some kind of
> intestinal bacteria problem almost every year. It
> usually seemed to be right after Christmas when
> everyone was stressed over the holidays, but he also
> had other problems.
> Anyway, once the bacteria had been identified and
> antibiotics started, I would usually see some
> improvement in about 24-48 hours. Ferrets are hard to
> get eating when they are sick though. I get Gerbers
> stage 2 baby food chicken and warm it up to about body
> temperature in the microwave. I can usually get them
> to eat that when they are sick but it often takes some
> coaxing. I find that I can get them to eat little
> bits off of my finger (patience is a virtue here)
> every few hours. Sometimes they have to acquire a
> taste for it too. You might need to put a tiny bit
> baby food chicken or vitamin paste in or on their
> mouth so they can taste it. If they've never had it
> before, they may not recognize it as something good to
> eat by smell. Also if you use water bottles rather
> than water bowls, try leaving a bowl of water out. I
> find that they are more likely to drink out of a bowl
> when they are sick.
> Sydney
> --- Kristine Owen <craigkrisowen@y...> wrote:
> > Anyone seen anything like this? Any
> > ideas
> > of a liquid food supplement. How about Ensure? I am
> > feeding her 5cc of Pedelite an hour through a
> > syringe.
> > She looked better last night but looks lethargic
> > again
> > this morning. Thanks for any ideas you might have
> > this. Kristine in Gilbert AZ
> >
> >
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