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From: Margie
Date: 2001-08-05 19:09:00 UTC
Subject: Feeding Bubba

Bubba is recovering with ulcers and from tumor removal.

My vet wants me to feed Bubba (recovering with ulcers) at least 1/2
can of Science Diet A/D a day. Every time, I feed him this, he
fights eating it. No matter what I put in the A/D. He will eat the
chicken baby food.

His medications are 1/8 sucrafate tablet 10 minutes before meals,
and amoxi. I add pedialyte and Ensure to his food, per my vet.

Won't this stress just add to the ulcers?

How can I bring the nutrient level and whatever the A/D adds to his
diet up?

How many times should I be feeding him? Currently, I feed him about
times a day.


Sorry if the sequence of things are mixed up. Trying to give all